How to Increase Your Vocabulary


If you are going to pursue a career or a serious hobby of writing poems, one of the most important aspects of your language is vocabulary. And I have yet to find a poet who does not want to expand his vocabulary and use them in their pieces. It is natural to aim for the next level of your skill and you really have to exert much effort if you want to hone your skill as a writer and a poet. When you communicating by speaking, having a rich vocabulary could make you sound smart. If you use it too much, you might sound cocky or and could sound intimidating, however; if you are a writer, rich vocabulary could land you to edarling fake profile . After all, no paper and ink could judge you. Our website visitors will be pleased to know that we listed here some practical tips on how to build your vocabulary:

Read the dictionary

When we advise someone to read his dictionary, it does not mean reading as if you are reading a book. It is more of picking one word per day and using it as much as possible. Getting a new word may not be as much as you might think. But picture this for a moment. One word a day means seven days a week. It means 30 new words a month and 365 words in a year. This tip may sound very obvious, but it works, period. The best way to acquire new vocabulary is to read your dictionary from online shopping offers coupons. If you don’t like to carry a bulky book, you can have a dictionary installed in your phone. You already increased your vocabulary by 365 words in just one year. If you will do this in your lifetime, you will be able to use tons of new words for your poems.

read books

Read books

Developing a habit of reading the dictionary can be a little difficult for some. An easier way to improve your cognitive function is to just read books. If you want to start writing, you probably enjoy reading books. There’s nothing enjoyable to learning new words than reading an interesting book from edarling dating international and or from your parent’s book collections. Dissect the writer’s thoughts and understand the words rather than just memorizing them. Associate each newly learned word to a story to make it stickier. These books contain a rich language which you may or may not know about. You can surely improve your vocabulary by reading books because your pursuit of knowledge is essential to you. And it will also be more natural for you to read the meaning of words.

Keep a journal

You should not only use your new vocabulary verbally. You should also have a journal with you to write all that you think about and all that is in your mind. You have to be mindful of the words that you use and you intentionally use the new words that you learn.According studies, writing helps us memorize new things. Keeping a journal significantly increases the alexa traffic ranks are updated daily and could serve as your practice in using the words. Writing help us keep record of our learnings and development. You’ll find it interesting to see your progress in writing. This is also a way to improve your writing style. Start an online journal or a tech blog if you want.