Most frequently asked questions and answers

Thai Poet Society is an organization that raises awareness among people about what poetry is and how beautiful it is to spread the meaning and then reduce the enigma about what a poem truly is. Website visitors can browse on our pages and see how we really want to pursue poetry in spite of who we are, what we do, and how to show it.

Poetry is the language that is spoken by people who want to convey great meaning and give an excellent message through the combination of words and descriptions. Poetry can be written in the same language but it is interpreted in a number of ways. Writing poetry is an art that you try to learn and to adapt to the environment. It is deeper than any Amsterdam city trip that you have been through. It is higher than any relationship that you have.

Yes, we do. As advocates of poetry in this country, we would like to invite everyone that is willing to grow in creating beautiful content. Every month, we go from city to city to cater to everyone who is interested in writing poetry. We offer training, seminars, and the like. You should check our schedule to look for a venue that is near you.

We have partners in the publication of different poems created by our members. It really depends on the theme and topic of the movie. If it is possible, we always find a way for the poems to be published either online or on physical forms of media. You can see these poems while you are on your Amsterdam holidays and looking for a magazine or book to read.

We hold numerous competitions every year. If you want to be part of any of these competitions, you can sign up online or submit a written application before the deadline. If we find you qualified, we can include your poem in the competition.

You can register on our site in order for you to receive updates every time we publish new content on the website.