Thai Poet Society is an organization that aims to promote poetry and literature in general. It is a group that develops different programs and plans so that poetry is learned and enjoyed in various sectors of society. It provides unique solutions to people and other organizations in order for them to maximize the potential for studying poetry.

Table of Contents

Who we are

We are a group of Literary Majors and Book authors with only one goal. This is to make sure that poetry is enjoyed and loved by people no matter what the age, what the race, what the job description, and what organizations do they belong to. Poetry should not be left out when education is being talked about. It should always be included in the conversation when literature is studied. It must also be part of competitions and other major events in the school and other organizations.

What we offer

We have a lot to offer our website visitors. We create suitable programs for different organizations so that poetry is enjoyed in the place where they study. Curriculums should also include poetry. We can give you ways in order for poetry to be infused with the current programs.

We also hold conferences and competitions for people who can create excellent poems. You can just register on the currently scheduled competition that we have. Submit your poems to us and we will evaluate and judge your piece according to specific mechanics and criteria.